A&E Two Nights On The Trot

So, last night was the Hallowe’en Barcrawl. It was a bit epic, lots of people out, lots of people drinking (including the ex-Warder who was wearing ears and tail I haven’t seen in over ten years!) and a lot of really amazing costumes. Obviously mine and M-i-L’s were the best (we went as Madam Vashta and Jenny Flint from Dr Who and there were two Doctors on the barcrawl – including one who looked INCREDIBLY like Matt Smith).

Ex-Warder and I got ourselves videoed singing Copacobana about as well as we ever did – all we were missing was the Jukebox in County and it could have been…oh at least ten years ago. Wrong Mike and I got talking about the fact campus was really quiet and a lot of the students seemed confused by the idea that two societies would do a costumed campus barcrawl…
Seriously Ozymandias and I got asked in Furness if a group of people were interupting something because we’d filled the bar…in previous years we haven’t been able to get into Furness because it’s been packed. However Wrong Mike and I were beginning to sound like Daily Fail readers, albeit with citations.

So I got nostalgic and now I’m writing in my blog. I’m still clinging to the point that the Hallowe’en Barcrawl wasn’t something I was massively into when I was an undergrad…well that’s not true for starters, I was a PULSAR girl all the way I just wasn’t in LURPS and besides, talking to the Essex Lass I become aware that that’s not that unusual…

In anycase. The barcrawl was excellent right up until I got a call from FJ asking me to come and help M-i-L into an ambulance. Which made it the second night in a row I went to A&E after Aunty Iris was having issues after having her appendix out. So that’s my Samhain (which was epic) cut short by a visit to A&E and my Barcrawl…given that The Last N-S is visiting from some point in the next hour I’m hoping not to go to A&E tonight.

Also I’m supposed to be running a half marathon tomorrow as part of my London Marathon training so really no A&E tonight!

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