The trick to recovery is to recognise it as a process. The energy flows back and it’s so tempting to think ‘I’m fine now I will now do ALL THE THINGS’ and queue collapse of course.

I’m back to running, even properly excercising thirty minutes a day, which should, eventually, assuming I’m right about where I am on my illness/fatigue cycle, gradually begin to give me a bit more energy.

The organisation of the house has even started happening.

I had better not actually jinx things though but I’m hoping the fact that we’re all spending Christmas elsewhere will give me some time and space to put things in vaguely organised places. Though I am thinking vaguely uncharitable thoughts about DS Luke – I walked in on him doing my washing up on Friday and, well, that’s awfully useful. Like I said uncharitable thoughts as I’m convinced I could put him to work with little reward. Maybe telling him we’re meeting for lunch half an hour earlier than we are and then show up to find the house repainted and sparkling…

Right. I’m to bed, I get to see the Last NS tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. I’m also going running with FJ as The Excellent Lesbian has deserted me (she normally comes running with us – I say us, we watch as the delectable FJ’s arse heads off into the middle distance…well I watch) admittedly for a family birthday.

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