I’m angry today. Really bloody furious.

Partly that’s a hormonal over-reaction, partly genuinely reasonable anger.

The notion of my having kids, occasionally comes up and right now all that I can think regarding the subject is that the world and the country I live in are such completely terrible places that why on earth would I do something as truly awful as bring someone into them?
Not only are they awful but I actively despise what society is built upon, what it’s continues to build itself on and all of it’s values. It’s no longer the case that I meet the occasional person who’s structure of ethics, morality and system of value is different from mine, no longer the case that those I consider friends are at some variance from me, but there is such a huge gap between what I would teach a child to value and believe in and what everyone else that they would come across in their life would that I seriously think I’d end up damaging the child by simple dint of bringing it up in accordance with my own principles.

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