My First Day As A Vegan

So, a while ago The Philosopher challenged me to go vegan for November. I figured I’d give it a go, not because I object per se to eating animals but because I am considering my position regarding eating ethically.

So today I had:

Mushrooms on toast – Of course my brain really missed them being fried in butter, despite the fact that I rarely do that.

Jacket Potato with Cabbage and Leek – I must remember to have Pure with me next time I do that, I can’t have butter but I need something!

Red Pepper Hummus and Pasta – Oh my gods all the noms!


I’m trying to work out exactly how I feel about eating animals, mostly I’m relating the thoughts about it back to my thoughts about Fox Hunting. My opinions on why fox hunting was (and continues to be) wrong basically come down to the notion that we are civilised people there is no reason for the glorification and ritualisation of getting one set of animals to rip apart another.

I’m perfectly fine however, (and I suspect this is the main point of difference between me and most vegans) with the idea that foxes can be pests (so can badgers, rabbits, most wildlife if you’re a farmer) and that it’s ok to kill pests. But I’d afford all the animals the decency of being killed quickly and as painlessly as possible.

That’s really the crux of the matter though, the majority of animals that I have eaten in my life, have probably not been killed in that manner and it’s really not civilised of me to participate in that now is it?

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