It’s my birthday today. I’m 33. Both are facts which I quite like.

FoxyJonno has it right about being in your thirties, you finally feel like you get how to do this life thing. I’m not saying by any means that we’re all suddenly getting it right, there are so many things that I want to change about my life, make better etc. But I totally feel as if I can. (Depression about politics and the sheer evilness of those in charge of us aside).

What do I really want? To get my life in order, to travel again and this requires house and finances under my control again rather than them being vague areas that I wave a bit at. Lets grab this life thing by the balls and make it mine!

Why do I love birthdays? It’s because it feels like it’s absolutely my day, like I can do anything and I usually do get done what I want. Today is so far no exception,  now I’d really like my enthusiasm to continue tomorrow given that I bounced awake at the Jellicle Cat and demanded to open my presents in bed. Yes 33 not 3, what’s your point?

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