My First Drink

A series of firsts, inspired by The Eyes – this being my first drink.

You’ve all had it by the way – or anyone who’s accepted my homemade ‘Peppermint Liqueur‘ has anyway.  Growing up my experience of Christmas was a boozy one from about the age of four or five. Now boozey when you’re four or five is not the same as boozey when you’re fourteen or twenty four, or even, dare I say it, thirty four though I’m not there yet. But it is very nice to feel giggly and sleepy and stumble around a room full of people in a similar state feeling happy.

Oh so that’s why I like throwing parties?

It’s certainly why I like that drink that various of my friends have accused of tasting like mouthwash.

But my first drink was from a fancy shot glass that looked like a very tiny (or child sized) wine class, and was a slightly watered down peppermint liqueur and I loved it. It has always been the taste of Christmas to me and frankly it wouldn’t be Christmas without it’s virulently green sweet pepperminty taste.

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