My Weekend and Other Spoon Spends

I had a long weekend, supposedly.  It currently doesn’t feel like it. I ended up not working on Friday, which was LOVELY, but then I was so damned tired I didn’t get anything done that I wanted to. The Jellicle was away seeing Imp in The Straight Place so it was just me and Weasel around the house which was quiet.

I did see M-i-L for a picnic lunch for my birthday (only a week late – it totally counts) and we ended up talking about AEON Horror’s upcoming LARP, which I’m looking forward to (at least partially because I’m not organising it). I ended up giving her a head massage and then giving one to The Eyes as well and then DS Luke for practice- I’ve signed up to a massage course in Blackburn every Wednesday and I’m really enjoying it. It’s very different from anything I’ve done before and so far it seems to be going well or at least DS Luke, Jazz, The Eyes, M-i-L, The Live Rep, Weasel and the Jellicle have yet to complain. (I’m still looking for practice people!)

Is the tired the Swamp or the Big Bad Tired? Probably both, and unfortunately that’s getting difficult to manage as evidenced by Saturday which involved me heading out on a Far Shores linear and ending up sleeping in the Chaplaincy on Campus as opposed to continuing to do that thing. Of course everybody has been saying things like ‘oh yes I’m not used to it either’ and empathising all over the godsdamn place. Whilst yes, it’s just after a holiday and the sleep cycles are back in place and etc.etc. I rather rudely want to just snap back – I’m used to being able to run and jump and dance and you should have seen me running flat out in a full corset a week before I did a marathon bitches! I hate hate hate hate hate that I am so full of the TIRED that I had to declare myself non-combat and sleep through half of it. That’s not the same as being just a little bit out of practice at getting up at doing some excercise. Yes I know they’re being nice, I’m allowed to be snappy.

FJ and I managed to get up this morning to go ‘running’. He ran, I walked and at each way-marker where we met up he insisted I change my route to be that little bit shorter, that little bit shorter. Given how achey I felt by the time we were sitting down in a coffee shop he was dead right to. Then home and take the final henna out of my hair and ref meeting with The Pharaoh, The Excellent Lesbian, DS Luke and the Practical Man. The ref meeting was good, the newer refs are really beginning to grab things with both hands and go for it. It was tiring, but then so has everything this weekend been.

One thought on “My Weekend and Other Spoon Spends

  1. (I love the name The Eyes, btw, don’t know if I’ve said that before.)

    Although I don’t get the ‘used to having ALL THE ENERGY’, I do sort of get the frustration sometimes when people offer well-meaning ‘oh gosh, me too’ when it comes to exhaustion. I know everyone gets tired, but it’s not the same as sleeping for ~14 hours most nights and still needing extra naps or rest. The sympathy is well-intentioned but not exactly helpful. XD

    Although the Sunshine Pills have definitely helped over the last month. I still sleep more than is ideal, but when I am awake, I actually feel awake most of the time. It’s almost scary to experience it again because I got so used to barely being able to concentrate on stuff in the evenings – I don’t want to get too used to it.

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