List of Museums (365LLC)

Castle Moon has (technically) five museums, some of which are more Lolita meet friendly than others (and yet for all my EGL Club organisation I’ve never organised a meet in one). This being a small place the museums are quite small too. 

The City Museum is one I quite like – I suspect because of the pagan altars et al on the first floor. Parts of this would be cool for a meet but to be honest Classic Lolis posed against the pillars out front is what I’d really go for. It has the technical fifth museum (the military one) inside it and doesn’t really add anything Loli-wise to it.

The Maritime Museum is the only one I haven’t been to. It’s one that looks utterly Georgian gorgeous though and I know that the Georgian Fair starts out around there. I do rather love the idea of classic and Hime Lolis or indeed sailor or pirate Lolis (I haven’t seen any sailor Lolis in aaaages) wandering around this museum and heading along the Quay before having a ramble up the hill past the bath house.

Best till last because the Judges Lodgings and the Cottage Museum are pretty much opposite each other across a cobbled street and are just down the road from the converted Masonic Lodge steakhouse. These are where I’d organise a Loli meet with afternoon tea down the road afterwards.

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