You know, I didn’t start blogging in 2003, I started blogging in 2002 in my final year of uni waaaaay back in the webcam house. This blog’s archives go back to 2003 because I lost the webcam house diary along the way. I think there’s also a missing year in this blog’s archives but I can’t remember where or which one. That’s fifteen years of diarising my life. It’s not been a bad one so far either though I’ve still got a fuck tonne to achieve.

I keep getting distracted by cool shiny things on the way (looks at her London Marathon medal), I’m pretty happy with that as a thing to be fair. I’m never going to be anyone’s mother figure but I’m getting gradually happier to be asked for advice and feeling that I have something worthwhile to give. Being involved with student societies at thirty five is definitely where I’m using up my maternal instinct these days (that’s got to be healthier than BBM’s old assertion that it gets used up with my lovers). I don’t mind having acquired several dozen nieces and nephews interestingly but I don’t act in a way that would befit a mother so it irritates me if people suggest that I am. However clearly, The Girl with the Golden Hair got it right when she described me as a crazy aunt or at anyrate it stuck within my subconcious.

I love my own nephew of course but there’s an absolute megatonne of maternal that needs to go somewhere with me so I guess suddenly eighteen year old relatives is all good. In anycase there’s always more to write about and this year I feel able to, with a vengeance.

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