Creating A World

So, world creation is my jam, I mean it really is. There is nothing I like better than creating my own world that fits together except perhaps being a part of the creation of a world with other people. That is exactly what we are doing here. People are enthusiastic and full of ideas and somewhere along the line I ended up in the role of GM co-ordinating and enticing world ideas from the players in my group. I’m loving it (if being somewhat tired).

The only disappointing thing about the day so far is the lack of view from the mountain, we’ve been covered in mist all day. However, as remarked when getting off the coach into the utter void of darkness yesterday, it’s incredibly atmospheric.

I was interested to be exposed to an orthodoxy within the Belgian group that any group of roleplayers should be of the same experience level. But then my experience teaching almost certainly informs that as the perceived wisdom is mixed level group’s produce better overall results. Anyway my first day seemed to go well though very tiringly so I am taking a nap before dinner. The others in my room took a nap after lunch but that would likely have killed my sleep cycle.

Two sessions a day of world building on little sleep though is beginning to take its toll. Greek Coffee is awesome and may provide my way through this…

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