My Ideal

I enjoy roleplay a great deal but I have an abhorrence for the sort of drama that some people seem to enjoy from particularly Live Roleplay. The idea of creating a social or other event entirely around my own character would seem to fall into that category. I say would seem, as tonight I got an entire social around my character. 

My character was dead of course, it was her wake. So I spent the entire evening dozing in the candlelight of a brilliantly set dressed Seminar Room whilst my friends, relatives and fellow Vikings feasted and toasted and told stories. 

They even sacrificed a Thrall in my honour to take messages for me from Midgard to Valhalla. I am fond of our little local system of Fel Rune, it’s simple and it is very much what the players make of it. 

Tonight I indulged myself but I think I can excuse it by saying that whilst I did indeed build a social around my character I left all the roleplay to other people within it!

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