If I Were A Serial Killer…

Weasel and I are writing a one day Horror LARP set at a convention of Serial Killers. What do you mean you know what we’ve been reading? It’s entirely orig… yeah ok Sandman has been extensively bookmarked. Even if Neil Gaiman is often just a watered down Alan Moore I adore Sandman with the passion of – a great many other people in their thirties.

I’ve been working my way through a collection of DVDs about Serial Killers, exactly as trashy as they sound and I love them. Then tonight I watched a movie and got to thinking about the notion that the majority of Serial Killers are white and Male. Is that really the case or twenty years or so down the line are we going to realise that white men are very good at spotting white male behaviour and actually there’s an equivalent percentage of female, black, Asian, etc. Serial Killers.

(Is it still called being a social-justice Warrior if you’re arguing for diverse representation amongst criminals?)

Female Serial Killers fascinate me, especially ones like Aileen Wuornos who did it violently and as some sort of inverse to the standard Male Serial Killer trope. (Should I be worried that I’m calling it a trope?)

Given the context I’ve been wondering what sort of victims I’d pattern on if I were traumatised enough to kill. Given it’s usually about power and control I’d probably kill men, and I suspect I’d be torn between wanting to get away with it and wanting to dress it up.

So I’d probably kill men who were cruel to my Nearest and Dearest. The first one would have to actually benefit my favourite people, and so I’d probably hide that one. When killing men I suspect the easiest way would be to make it look like a suicide so trap them in a car, likely with rope and then feed a tube from the exhaust into the car until they died. Leave a suicide note and there you have it.

I don’t think I’d be a terribly effective serial killer to be quite honest. But the larp is going to be great fun.

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