The Last Jedi

The Jellicle and I went to the cinema this afternoon, this morning we hung out with DS Luke who said that The Last Jedi script felt a bit flabby to him. I have to say I agree.

When authors or franchises get famous I notice they suddenly lack good editors. Rogue One was awesomely tight, The Last Jedi could have done with that too.

Having said that it was rather enjoyable and I am incredibly tempted to cosplay Rose next Hallowe’en or other opportunity. I didn’t think I was too fussed about seeing the latest Star Wars on the big screen but turns out I really liked it. There’s something about those yellow letters and the music that has an emotional resonance for me.

I suspect it’s heightened by the house smelling of Christmas leftovers as I’ve made stock today. A Star Wars movie at Christmas and it wasn’t one I’ve seen before – delicious!

2 thoughts on “The Last Jedi

  1. I enjoyed it, but a lot could have been fixed by somehow re-framing events so that the section on the planet at the end took place earlier, in relation to Rey’s activities on the island and Finn and Rose’s adventure. Not sure how they’d do it, as it’d require a bit of rewriting of cause and effect events in the plot, but they could have knocked the film down to two hours.

    A two-hour slow-motion chase scene in space is not fun. (Or at least, this one wasn’t.)

    However, I think the biggest weakness is that the core cast introduced in The Force Awakens were the ideal characters to do the things required in The Force Awakens, but they had to squeeze them into the plot of The Last Jedi and only Rey really had an obvious ‘in’.

    Still, overall, I enjoyed it, and anyone who says it’s the worst Star Wars film ever has clearly blanked out the trauma of the prequel trilogy.

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