It’s been five years or perhaps six now, since I got my piano and the Princess suggested singing carols around it. So each year since we’ve gathered people who like carols to sing them. We’re not Christians, we just like the songs and there’s something very satisfying about playing them. My pagan wreath that I ask people to tie things to for the year is often available and I make Game Pie, though this year I did a Christmas Ham instead.

Last year the Bonsai Kaiju dressed as mini Santa made his first appearance, this year he gave the piano a go whilst dressed as a reindeer. He’s too young to really notice what we’re doing but next year might form some memories. This is something his parents do every Christmas, its ‘traditional’. And just like that we have formed a new tradition.

Each year The Girl with the Golden Hair and I sing White Wine in the Sun by Tim Minchin at the end. It fits very nicely.

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