Syrian Airstrikes

I have to admit I’m worried about the airstrikes. More than ever I am renewing my commitment to pacifism, it’s hard. I love to read about war and I play bloody LARP games that glory fighting, but they’re games and no one really dies or is injured, we just get to play at it. Always in the back of my head I have my Grandma’s voice telling me “War is Evil”. She lived through one, she knew.

It’s cold comfort to say that at least we haven’t gone in there mob-handed. On the other hand, did the airstrikes really target the chemical weapons factories they say? On Twitter there are tweets showing residential buildings burning. Damascus is torn. I’ve been a member of the PPU for a while now, I’ve sold white poppies for a while too, worn them for a long time.

Today I looked into joining the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, I haven’t made my decision yet. Greenham Common is in the back of my mind though. The need to do something is weighing heavily on me. I am hugely troubled.

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