Loving The Jellicle Cat

The prompt for today was show a Queer Person in your life some love.

I don’t think that I have the words for how much I love my Jellicle Cat. She is and has been since I met her the most patient and lovely person I have ever met.
I am incredibly lucky that she puts up with me and with the extra annoyances that my fatigue now brings. We’ve been together for seventeen years come December.

She is cute as hell and I have loved being in lockdown with her.

I really enjoy spending time with her. I’ve been incredibly lucky that she has been with me, supporting me after my Dad died in April. She’s made the whole grieving process a lot better than it could have been.

She makes coffee in the afternoon and we get to cuddle and watch tv together and play board games. I love talking to her in bed. I love laughing with her over dumb things and shared jokes and she is absolutely my favourite human to be in a house for for three months of quarantine.

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