My Favourite Queer Space


Queer Space.

Queer Space.

It’s been a while since I was on Canal Street which will always feel like my home gaytown but is by no means my favourite Queer Space. My first gay bar was The Albert with it’s Pride Flag and Drag DJ on a Friday… lets not dredge up the horror that was The Navigation, seriously the two gay bars in Lancaster in the early 2000s were exactly what you think of when you think small town gay bars… (Parrot nightmares are a thing).

I don’t really remember good lesbian bars on Canal Street.

The Chestnut and Squirrel in Tokyo was really my first lesbian bar. Yes that is the Kuri to Ris, I’ll let you work out the pun…

Since then there’s been the Lavendar Lounge, an ok lesbian dance night. Queer Boots is good… again it’s not a permanent space.

Lately though, lately, because lockdown, space has become virtual. I feel like I’ve inhabited the WerkRoom with the Queens in Drag Race and I practically live in Brad Mondo’s living room.

This year I went to a wedding of three lovely guys and we danced on their dance floor, that was some good queer space.

I guess my favourite Queer Space is the middle of a Pride Parade or failing that my living room.

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