Queer Person in History

Today I’m supposed to be learning about a queer person in history.  Last year I did a whole lot of looking up Marsha P Johnson, because who doesn’t want to know about Stonewall. Earlier this year I looked up a whole lot about Stormie Delaverie, same reason.


Having seen this video, which is rather good:

I’m left with the notion that I should look up someone a bit earlier and I know about Oscar Wilde and I’ve read up any amount of things about Julie d’Augbigny so that doesn’t really count as learning.

So I spent today reading up on Lottie Hahm. I can’t imagine the horror of going from the permissive and progressive Germany of the 1920s to Nazi Germany. I really hope (she says, side-eyeing The States and London) that I never have to find out. She did survive a concentration camp and she did get through the war which as a relatively well known lesbian activist was definitely something.

She seems like she was complicated, I like that, people should be complicated.

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