The Queer Community

Interacting with the Queer Community. Some part of me still thinks I’m an awkward nerdy teenager still trying to figure out what it was that made her weird, and doing that in the middle of nowhere.
I had no queer community when I was figuring out that I was queer. I mean it was hard to be out when I was a teenager, I get the impression that it’s really not that hard if you’re a teenager now, depending on where you grow up.

I guess not uncommonly my first taste of Queer Community was clubbing and dancing on Canal Street and pubbing more locally. One of my favourite trips with the Quiltbag in Japan was to a Dance Festival on a beach. Waking up in a tent and going to a Yoga workshop by the sea was probably one of my favourite experiences. These days (well, pre-lockdown) there are dance nights locally. Some of them are even lesbian only which is very nice.

I have had periods of my life where I’ve interacted more or less with my Quiltbag Family. I’ve been in activist groups and attended al sorts of gender and sexuality lectures and workshops. I absolutely loved every Dyke Weekend at the Saitama Women’s Centre.

Lately it’s mostly been Pride and Reddit for interation with the Community, it’s not much. I vaguely support a local gay rugby club but I’m not a big rugby girl so it’s only a vague sort of support mostly because of a friend I met via local Pagan circles.

I guess my preference remains loving dancing and being a part of Family in a way that can’t get difficult. Bright Colours and Great Rhythms and a beat I can dance to. I know that’s my preference but I know that that’s because it remains easy and fun. When I have the energy there’s the marches and the demand for equality but always always always the glitter and sequins and lightness in the face of adversity.

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