What Does Pride Mean to Me?

Gods I love Pride. I cannot even express how much I love Pride.

I went to my first Pride in Tokyo in 2005. I marched with the Chestnut and Squirrel and DykeNetwork girls and I loved how it felt. How much community there was and how much feeling of Family.

I also enjoy confusing people with the Pride flag I have up in our home with it’s TGLP inscription. Nobody every guesses that it stands for ‘Tokyo Gay & Lesbian Pride’.

I have written entries before about walking in Pride Parades, I love it, I often cry and I’m usually grinning ear to absolute ear.

Pride means not having to hide. Pride means being myself, right there, out in public, no repercussions. (I know, I know, my feelings are not totally accurate, but I’m talking about what it means to me not exactly what it is).

This is from Lancaster Pride last year and it’s really kinda what Pride is to me. Chosen Family, all together, all happy.
Lancaster Pride Group

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