What I’m Critical Of in the Queer World

Whew. Critical of something in the Quiltbag. It’s hard to be critical out here in front of the Straights. Because I grew up in a world where the Queer world was criticised and attacked the idea of critiquing Home means I’m worried it will read like the type of attacks that I hated as a kid.

I kinda hate the shallow materialism that is the mainstream portrayed staple of the Gay World. That tends to be the Lets all go out on Canal Street, get hammered and get a shag quiltbag culture that is a definite part of the queer world but isn’t the be all and end all. It’s especially gay male dominated and obsesses over it’s own shallowness. There are reasons because my gods it’s hard to be queer and isn’t it nice to forget all the unpleasantness in colour and glitter and dancing and beautiful beautiful shallow bollocks.

However it breeds nastiness, Reading may very well be fundamental and there is strength in knowing your own weaknesses and hardening yourself up to them but frankly we do not need to tear each other down. We do not need the guardians of ourselves to be bitchy queens without the strength to build us up in speaking our truths.

We are Family, and that brings along all the baggage of that word and not just that Disneyesque ‘ohana’.

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