Who is a Queer Person Who Inspires You

I guess I kinda went into this when I did the ‘Who is your Queer Mentor’ post. Yet, I’m not automatically going with Aunty Kate for this one. Or someone I’ve met, nope I’m even going for futher distance. Who is a Queer Person who inspires me?

Anna Madrigal.

Yeah not only can I not easily bring to mind a person I’ve had a real life relationship with for my Queer Mentor when it comes to inspiration I’m going straight for a fictional person. I first met Anna Madrigal, the creation of Armistead Maupin, through Radio Four radio plays. And I loved her. I have always wanted to be the landlady to a thousand queer stories across the city.

Given the popularity of my sofa I think I’m rather doing it as well.

I guess much though I love Sandi Toxvig, Claire Balding, RuPaul and Eddie Izzard they don’t provoke quite the same reaction.

There’s a serious majority for my queer mentors and inspiration being transwomen isn’t there?
I dunno, maybe it’s my underlying admiration for my trans siblings that keeps them coming into my orbit?
But if I can be like Anna Madrigal or Kate Bornstein when I’m old then I know I will have lived well.

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