My understanding is way in excess of my ability to express myself in every single language I have. So I am determined to keep up with my blog entries in French and add in my limited Spanish, Greek and Japanese. I’m fed up of having languages vanish on me.

Most of that is getting over myself in expressing myself in the relevant languages. Yes I have the ability of a kid in both French and Japanese but the only way that changes is if I put the work in.

Apparently languages are what I concentrate on when I don’t want to think about the world and I really don’t want to think about the world and this year’s level of awful, rather the cultures and people and art within it.

Individuals and individual creativity are great, people and groups when they get too big are awful. The world definitely feels too big right now.

Also this weekend has been a lot of migraine which I really wish it hadn’t been. I did manage to get up early to see the sumo and it was such a good final, really exciting to watch. I think Terunofuji is my new favourite rikishi, one day I think I’d like to be able to watch the sumo in Japan again, and maybe even listen to the Japanese commentary. I have had such a good time watching sumo with Waldo, The Steampunk Cosplayer and The Merman (and occaisionally The Jellicle Cat) and I’m really looking forwards to doing similar with next year’s bashos. I’m hoping that even after all this gets fixed that The Jellicle can still work from home, I’ve really been enjoying spending so much time with her again.

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