Interacting with The Queer Community

The prompt for today is my favourite way of interacting with the queer community. My instinctive answer seems strange to me, because it’s dancing.

I’m not really a big dancer, I mean that it’s not something I know much about. I got told to leave a ballet class as a child because I have no sense of rhythm. I don’t really get how dancing works.

But I do kind of love it. Not in a, I’ve attended ballroom classes with My Warder way, but in a I loved to go out on Saturday nights and just dance in clubs, on dancefloors with DJs, hot sweaty movement when you felt your soul expand. Oh how I miss my Goth DJs and The Alex/Darkplace/Darkside crowd at times. But dancing in Queer Space (though it has a large overlap in the north-west of England to Goth Space) is different, it’s lighter and poppier. The similarities are there’s the same sense of camaraderie in Queer Space as in Goth Space.

I once used my dancing nostalgia to entirely establish a character in a LARP set in a Rave. So, it’s not a picture of me dancing along the route of a Manchester Pride (which I also did, and has to be one of the only times as an adult I’ve learnt a dance and then ‘performed’ it in public.

Me dancing in a crowd at Manchester Pride

There’s no pressure on a dancefloor, there’s nothing to prove, there’s just movement and rhthym and my favourite way of being Home.

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