Who is my Queer Icon?

Last year I named my ultimate, life-long Queer Icon. This year I’m going to name the person who has been most Queerly Iconic to me, and that absolutely has to be Symone. She’s the Drag Race winner of this year but that’s not what makes her iconic to me. What makes her iconic to me has to be the feeling I had in the moment when she turned round in the white dress (category Fascinating Fascinators) and we saw the bullet holes and the words. Queer Culture is light and breezy, bright and colourful, built on shared trauma. But some members of the Quiltbag have other traumas and they get to bring that into our culture. Symone is everything I want out of a Queer Icon, political, nerdy (dude, no one was getting the meme references except for you) and with amazing style.

I want to be Symone when I get famous! Seriously iconic.

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