I went to see a musical for the first time in aaaaaaages. At a proper London theatre no less. It was fantastically staged – the queue led to the back of the theatre and it had been made up to look like the entry to a dodgy club – The Kit-Kat Club. We walked in and there were drinks, burlesque performers set up behind curtains around the place. They’d set up the whole thing to be in the round and as if it were the stage of a seedy club. It was brilliant.

Dad would have loved it. Speaking of which, Radio Phil sat next to me and talked techy bullshit all night (his phrase). Dad would have loved that even more and been fascinated about how you could have had one operator for multiple spots. I really wish I could have heard his opinion on tracking and the use of computers.

One thing that I always forget is how seriously Germany takes its past, it’s not the level of Japan. (Though how performative that has become recently I’m not sure. ) But whilst a swastika on a London stage has me stiffen a bit GermanLu and Camellia really reacted. I can’t adequately describe their shock but it was physically evident.

Then we went back to the flat and CF smoked a rather nice fuente on a cold roof. It felt like a good way to end the night.

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