All Tying Together

I am running a Dungeons and Dragons gane. It is possibly the maddest idea I’ve ever had. In order to get a solid world I’m running multiple pre-written games linked roughly together in a meta-plot that (hopefully) scoops up all the characters together.

In between big game moments the players end up interrogating the various bits of the world to find out what the heck is going on with their personal plot and things they’ve found out.

Today when players are talking about their perceptions of things other characters have said feels particularly nightmarish because I have to double check what they’re referencing in case they somehow have the wrong information. So far it’s consistently not been the wrong information but rather it’s been character interpretations.

It feels like maybe I write too much for this gane though, and there are far too many magic swords and prophecies. I kinda embraced the tropey nature of D&D and it’s mostly good, I just get nervous.

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