Crème Eggs

I don’t know how it started but FJ and I give each other crème eggs at New Years and we’ve been getting weirdly competitive about it. In a funny way, I mean, not a serious way. It’s some kind of joke the meaning of which or humour in which is tangential non- explainable and just fun. Like that intro to Wittgenstein where it gets pointed out that language may not be meaningless but meanings are inferred and determined by tone and context rather than purely the word itself.

I find that level of communication hard to do or understand, I like the feel of the context but I wonder if other people could explain it or comprehend it better than I can. I suspect it’s probably the case.

It was The Jellicle’s birthday today, a context which I like, but those words don’t contain the meaning that I assign to birthdays nor the one that she does. And those meanings are very different in anycase. We’re in the same bed opening the same presents and feeling entirely different things under the same duvet.

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