Fountain Pens

I have one. I love them. You can really write with them!

Theres just something about the feel of one in your hands and watching the ink flow across the paper. It makes the writing so much more real somehow.

Foutain Pens forever!

4 thoughts on “Fountain Pens

  1. unless you happen to be left handed, then you watch in despair as your own hand smudges the work you have just crafted so lovingly.
    There are but three solutions. The first is biro, the second is to wear latex gloves and the third is to learn to write in reverse, begining at the end of the document and working backwards, doing every mark, every word and every sentence esrever ni

  2. Or maybe hire a right-handed secretary, Dart, and just dictate stuff to him or her.

    I’ve not used a fountain pen for years, goshdarnit, but I’m sure I’ve got one buried somewhere. It should come in handy for writing handouts for RPGS, particularly WFRP or Cthulhu Dark Ages.

    Or perhaps I could start writing poetry again… poems don’t seem to work as well when they’re typed in first draft.

  3. I’m left handed, I eventually found a rollerball is the best compromise to avoid the squahed woad spider effect on the paper.

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