The National…again!

Looks like the going will be soft on Saturday, at least if the rain keeps up. Most of the track is good to soft at the moment. If it is soft I reckon I’m back to Baron Windrush shame it’s a bit late to bet on Hedgehunter now, not backing Forest Gunner a yard unless it’s good or good to soft at a pinch. I’d back him as the course is now but it’s still damn raining. I might start looking at the form for heavy with the forecast as is! I think that’d put Bindaree back in really, outside chance I know…unless I actually bet on him in which case the horse’d probably fall at the first!

Reckon it’ll probably be too soft for Amberleigh House in any case…sucks to Ginger McCain.
Course if I felt like panicking the bookies it’d be Clan Royal all the way but in reality I wouldn7t back him anymore than Forest Gunner on soft going. I’m still going for Joly Bey after all that, despite the soft going, prefers good but has won on soft…you know I’d forgotten how much fun this was. I’m going to have to start actually betting when I get back to England if it’s this much fun musing on the horses without the prospect of a bet I think I can remember why I so enjoyed putting my money where my mouth is!

4 thoughts on “The National…again!

  1. I must have mentioned Austin Spare’s Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards from the 1930s…but you really have to have a go with them sometime.



  2. I haven’t a clue about what you’re talking about, but Ginger McCain really is a dick – I read an opinion piece from him on the BBC website.

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