Jilly Cooper

It may be known that I have a weakness for a particular blend of sex and horses. So listening to woman’s hour interviewing Jilly Cooper is proving rather enlightening. I thoroughly recomend the listen again, if for nothing else, a bit of a laugh.

2 thoughts on “Jilly Cooper

  1. Funnily enough, I was flicking through radio stations this morning and caught about half a dozen words of that interview…

    Mind you, I wasn’t in the mood for anything, which may be why I was listening to the radio on my headphones at work in the first place : I needed something to focus some brainpower on stuff rather than just going home to give in to an imminent cold and take to my bed.

    I’m not sure whether it was the earphones or the unamused look on my face, but people stayed mostly out of my way today and didn’t ask daft questions.

    But I may have to stream the interview off their website. Or do you think it will be on the best of compilation on at the weekends.

    And am I sad to know this much about Women’s Hour? Especially as I don’t even have your excuse of tuning into R4 for a daily dose of the Archers…

  2. Honey I don’t just tune in to radio four for The Archers make no mistake! Woman’s Hour, the Today Program, the 6:30pm comedy slot, Just A Minute … I could go on…

    I’d listen to the compilation at the weekend, since thats what I like to do.

    Last Friday’s afternoon play was brilliant by the way (Noel Coward and E. Nesbitt meeting up, E. Nesbitt played by Rosemary Leach). The wonders and joys of radio four are great!

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