A Challenge Too Far?

Right. I might have gone too far.

I’ve actually gone on a diet. Well, sort of. In about as much a way as I ever cut down on nice food and drink.

The thing is, I started role-playing a stripper. Now, I challenged myself that she’d put on an art show this term and if that worked I’d figure out how to put on some sort of concert next term. Then the refs announced the game ended at the end of this term. Fair enough thinks I, I won’t have to figure out how to do a concert…

…but I couldn’t leave it at that…the last ever court when the artshow went so well and I had so many other players saying they couldn’t contribute because they were performers…

…then Bunny (my character) asked Yalaria (the character who’s in charge) if she could put on a recital next time…and she said yes. See Bunny, my character has some very serious aims. They haven’t a chance in hell, metagame-wise of being resolved by the end of the game, so she’s hoping the world doesn’t end and she will eventually end eternity in the way that she dreamed of…so she’s working towards those aims by aiming…very high. She mentioned it to the Prince (character who’s in charge of the whole of Britain in the game) last court which she wouldn’t have done had I not known that the game was going to end, so I felt a bit annoyed with myself for that, but hey.

Anyway, this is all by the way.

Bunny is a performer, I’m organising a recital. Now I’m going to have to put myself on the programme. I could opt for the cheats approach, assume that the refs are going to organise plot to happen and put myself at the end on the ground that there’s no way I’ll have to go through with it. But that would be cheating.

So I’m going to organise the recital the same way I did the artshow, by working out what works better in what order, if I end up last I end up last. If I don’t…

I can’t dance. I’m slightly overweight and don’t look quite as good naked as when I’ve wandered around the Dark Side in almost nothing. I have strip-teased before but only in front of people who fancied me to greater or lesser extents or who were paying and I can therefore only hope fancied me. Oh and then there was the time I got paid to strip at Blackhurst Swainson’s stag do but he spent most of that time hiding his face in the corner whereas the guys who’d actually paid got what they paid for.

I have the following problems:

1. I have to perform a strip that LURPs allows ie. what I can show will be restricted but it still has to look like a strip.

2. I have to perform a strip in front of people that don’t fancy me so it has to look good or funny or interesting without relying on people enjoying seeing my tits.

3. I seriously, can’t actually dance, I have very little sense of rythmn and cannot solve either of the above problems by relying on my dancing prowess.

4. I don’t look great naked right now, which could sovle the problems of number 1, but then that would be cheating…

…the thing is I could just stand there with a note across my chest saying ‘Phys Rep: I’m dancing sexily very well right now’. I just like to give myself something impossible to do.

I can’t wait to see what I come up with to get around this.

Additional: Oh Shit. I just remembered there are people who really do do this sort of shit in VIP. Gods know how many Theatre Studies people there are in there and people who act and dance and make films and really know how to do this stuff. Oh Bollocks.

7 thoughts on “A Challenge Too Far?

  1. A theme is always good to add something to this sort of thing. A complete Promethea outfit would probably be a bit too pricey, and seven veils a bit too simplistic, but nurses, nuns, policewomen, schoolgirls and such allow the voyeurs to respond to the archetype as well as to the dancer.

  2. I’d agree with Jez that you need a theme. Find something ‘fun’ to go with that the players will enjoy as a *show* as well as being what it is.

    And if RP is what gets you going – get Bunny to ‘play a character’ doing the show.

    Examples of what I mean…

    Velma Kelly/Roxie Hart doing ‘All That Jazz’?

    Satine doing ‘Sparkling Diamonds’?

  3. Yeah that’s pretty much what I meant by burlesque Erfie. I’m not looking for it to be just Mish being silly though.

  4. You’ll have to forgive me, I’m not up on the technical terms of the dance form, I’ve no idea what classes as what form of Burlesque. I was just thinking that an extra layer of character might help 🙂

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