Mish’s Personal Wheel Of The Year

So, we Wiccans have an official calendar of celebrations known as The Wheel of the Year. I was just thinking about my own personal wheel and thought I’d note it down for my own amusement:

Imbolc: 2nd February – celebrated by making ehoumaki and throwing soy beans out of the house whilst chanting ‘Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi!’

Valentine’s Day: 14th February – Father Valentine gives out strange and bizarre gifts across Lancaster

White Day: 14th March – Private gifts given

Mother’s Day: Around 14th March – Send card and gift to Mum

Eostre: Spring Equinox – celebrated by egg hunts and egg painting. Eostre gifts are exchanged.

Hanami: When The Cherry Blossoms Come Out (often before the Equinox) – Picnic of Japanese food in Williamson Park

Beltane: 1st May – varies year to year but usually involves bright ribbons and occaisionally a Maypole

Litha: Summer Solstice – it varies year to year but I like it involving FIRE

Lammas: 1st/2nd August – celebrated with a party involving playing pinata and a symbl

Mabon: Autumn Equinox – celebrated with private meditations

Samhain: 31st October – celebrated with jack o’lanterns and a circle and symbl

Yule: Winter Solstice – celebrated by making a wreath and burning last years wreath

M-i-L’s Christmas: Around the time of the Solstice – celebrated with a big meal at M-i-L’s and present swapping.

New Year: 31st December – celebrated with a big party!

I’m gradually finding my own celebrations within my religion.

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  1. You sure you don’t fancy this one…

    "20 March is the Feast of the Supreme Ritual (the Invocation of Horus), which opens the Thelemic New Year. The Spring Equinox celebrates the foundation of Thelema in 1904 with The Feast of the Equinox of the Gods."


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