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A is for Altars

Once upon a Pagan Blog Project… I used to enjoy the Pagan Blog Project way back when it still existed so I have decided I’m going to do it for myself this year in all its alphabetised glory. So, ok, A, Altars then. I have written about this subject before, (check out 6th January 2012) … Read More

Horror Movies

Part two of my Mish-weekend was watching Horror Movies with My Little Sister (Adopted) and eating takeaway. Had to work earlier and sleep, slept in so late – and needed it after last night’s adventure. The Adopted Sister has two picks as did I for tonight though we only got through one of mine. My … Read More

B is for Blood

Ok, another Pagan Blog Project inspired post (I usually get as far as B, have occaisionally managed to go further, lets see what happens this year). Previous posts have been about Broomsticks and Blessed Be. Blood is one of those things that crops up when you’re talking religion or magic, the idea of blood is … Read More