Art and Worship

I think this was a great idea to spend this weekend specifically painting in my Mum’s garden. Specifically pagan themed painting on a May Day weekend. I have had a hugely variable relationship with Gods over the years though my understanding of them and ability to interact with them really developed over the rituals and worship we did over the pandemic.

Well this weekend has been about meditating on The Green Man and that seems a pretty appropriate May Day/Beltane meditation. It’s a fire festival so I started out with painting the sun, feeling it and just feeling the colours flow and how they reflected what I was feeling.

Not all of those drips are intentional – it rained overnight after I’d finished and was waiting for it to dry. I love watching the paint just develop and move within itself and against itself, I enjoy using the resistance of oil based and plastic based paints to get weird effects. But it does mean they take forever to dry.

The whole process promotes thought and meditation and it feels very spiritual.

Today I finished off The Green Men, Holly and Oak and things just evolved under my brushes into being far more abstracted than I intended. I did very much feel I evoked the sensation of The Green though.

Art really is an intrinsic part of my worship because it’s through the act of creating that I understand my own worship as well as enact it. My paintings are offerings and meditations all bound together and I have the horrible habit of forgetting that when I’m not doing it.

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