Eostre Psanky

I really like the process of dyeing eggs. Layering up wax and multiple colours, it’s me when faced with a process again I love a set of steps to go through.

Psanky is a traditional Ukrainian art and I’m not great at it yet but I am getting better every year. I think the mechanics of putting melted wax onto egg shell is quite satisfying because there’s a careful physicality to it. I spent quite a while doing psanky last year, I won’t be doing quite as much this year but it was nice to do some . I need to put less darker dyes onto the eggs and more bright colours.

I find sometimes the process of crafting to be quite meditative, there’s a reason we often create things as a part of religious practice within paganism. It’s a way of letting the Earth flow up through us and out into our art.

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