Do They Call It Wiccan?

One day of the week I work in a very traditional workplace. I’m providing support so not doing the type of manual labour most of the people around me are. It’s very nice to be quite honest because I get to feel like I have colleagues and sit and chat to them in the mess room.

I have my own mug in there now. It’s one of the pagan federation oak tree ones.

It got noticed by one of the guys there, he was very proud about talking to me about my religious practice and beliefs, when I said I was a Pagan he asked if they called it Wiccan. I explained that that was mine, but that there were Druids, Heathens et al. It was a good conversation about what I believe

This year I want to get more formal in my religious practice again, one thing I loved about last year was my very instinctual practice, this year I’m going to get more formal as a way of building on that. I enjoy my religious practice and connecting with both my sense of the spiritual and my feeling for the world around me with it.

I am giving a workshop next week on Candlemagic and I’m looking forwards to it, the magic and the teaching of it is a connection with the pagan community that I haven’t really had since the gentle fizzling of my Pagan Discord server, not so needed since the pandemic.

I am a Wiccan Witch, thé eightfold wheel of the year provides me with a structure for connecting with the natural world around je that makes sense to me, that reminds me to look and live in sync with the world around me. The covens that I have worked with, the pagan groups that I’ve come to with a Wiccan perspective have all added to my understanding of the Wyrd and it’s fullness of gods and spirits and fairies and all the seen and unseen.

And then there’s being a witch and feeling the magic come up through my feet. And feeling it run right through me. With the structure of the religion somehow the instinctual action comes to me amplified.

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