Weirdest Orgasm EVER (So far)

Some people do not want to read on. Some people will discover this post to be full of TMI.

So Archie, the weirdest thing happened yesterday.

Weasel and I were having sex, this was not the weird thing. We were doing it doggy style – I love this position, there’s something about the angle and sensation of fullness that makes it particularly lovely. Anyway, there is one problem for me with doggy style and that is my hip and pelvis.

Short digression into my health issues:

Quick version, when I was eight I went sledging and squished two vertebrae in my back together leaving me with a way of moving that favoured the left leg and restricted the right. In my first year of uni during a taekwondo sparring match I did a crescent kick and fell over because my pelvis had jarred into place. This meant I was barely walking for a long time – ask me for funny stories later – and has left me with a slightly dodgy left hip.

I’m back talking about orgasms again:

So we’re going at it quite hard because I was in something of a mood yesterday (make of that what you will) and I’m getting very, very close and being rather vocally encouraging to Weasel, then my left hip suddenly twinges hard and I collapse forward and roll across fetally. I am in agony, my left leg feels as if it’s in the process of pulling out of the hip socket but that little motion was enough to send me over the edge into that orgasmic pulse – whilst simultaneously being in extreme agony. (Please understand I was not orgasming because of the pain but rather inspite of it) It gets better.
I realised this was occurring and it seemed to me to be rather humourous – this is the point I started laughing, quite hysterically.

Gods know what poor Weasel made of it as I lay there groaning in agony, occaisionally making those little whispery orgasmic noises and snorting with laughter every so often as well.

The sensation itself…was…very, very weird. Never had one like it before, would have previously assumed that other sensations would either block or be felt after the orgasm rather than alongside it.

6 thoughts on “Weirdest Orgasm EVER (So far)

  1. You’ll note I usually direct the tmi posts as if I’m talking to you. It’s because you’ve consistently read them over the last eight years. 🙂

  2. I’ve never had an experience like that, normally having an orgasm is pretty much enough to focus my mind. Though if something was causing me pain during the sex, I’m not sure if I’d achieve climax…

  3. Yes, I was quite surprised. I think it was just the fact that I was so near that nothing was going to stop it!

  4. I think we should turn this post into a meme. As in, everyone should post about their weirdest orgasms. I’m trying to think which would have been mine, there’s a fair shortlist. I’ve certainly had muscle seizures a little like you before :p jaw or feet though, a bit different. And somewhat weird.

  5. Hmm… weirdest orgasm…

    How about this? This one time, there was someone else in the room with me. That was awkward.

    I don’t think they noticed though.


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