My Personal Practice

Thanks to the Imp I have found the successor to the Pagan Blog Project, The Pagan Experience.

Today’s prompt is about personal practice.

Personal Practice– Share your favorite spiritual/magickal practices. What tools are incorporated into your daily practice? What feeds you and replenishes you?

My daily practice at it’s best incorporates morning and evening yoga – a Sun Salute in the morning and a Moon Salute in the evening. However, due to my wonderful fatigue based illness (another thing I’ve promised to blog about) I’m not managing daily yoga at the moment and generally speaking I don’t have a daily or weekly practice. I do pay attention to the Wheel of the Year though, and indeed I’ve recorded my personal one before.

For me, religion at it’s best is about the links between you and the rest of the world and I’ve always included other people as a part of my world. I think a lot of religious people don’t or they separate their religious practice from their everyday lives. Being brought up CoE with the church being a mainstay in daily life (the building, the religion barely indistinguishable) I can’t do that with my Wicca. Religion is something for me that should be lived and that means my habit of including my friends in as much of my practice as they will allow.

Hence my practice of doing sumbls at parties. That’s the one that really feeds and replenishes me. I have two main parties a year, one at Lammas and one at New Years and at those I have always done a sumbl in the back yard or garden. I invite all the people who come, Pagans, Christians, Atheists all. Instead of toasting your patron god at the initial round a principle you hold dear is allowed in the case of atheists. Though at least one agnostic I know toasts poetically to gods (as opposed to literally like us pagans) – I rather like it.

We’ve been doing these parties for the last five, six years and people look forward to the ritual of the two symbls. They want to catch up others as to what’s going on, whether they followed through on their boasts and promises and if so, how.

A lot of the time when I talk about my religious practice I end up talking about my more esoteric or spiritual practice but as a Hedgewitch what my practice is really routed in is the physical and mundane world.

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