Yesterday I fucked up in a way I haven’t for years. Communication via text is always problematic for me but yesterday was completely and utterly spectacular on my part. Having anticipated a difficult conversation I suddenly found myself misunderstood by two people I assumed wouldn’t misunderstand me.

The conversation went completely backwards to my expectations and I got that kicked in the stomach feeling that accompanies friends totally not understanding each other.

One hurried visit from DS Luke later followed by a coffee today with My Little Sister and everyone is back on the same page. But I’m left with the emotional exhaustion after yesterday’s trip to the Twilight Zone of surprise drama and the reminder that I cannot rely on myself to choose the right words or get my point across accurately via text. Even M-I-L thinks I come across as rude.

Other than keeping this in mind I have no idea how to get better at this textual communication thing.

I am so looking forward to the trip to Greece – I really need a holiday right now.

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