Imagination, Inspiration… Infiltration?

There’s apparently a bit of a conspiracy theme running through my head this week. I had dinner and a catch up with DS Luke tonight – not sure if catch up there should be replaced by the word vent!

Anyway we nattered LARP because of course we did and after he left my brain was going at a mile a minute on half a dozen creative bits and pieces. So now I’m thinking about that.

There are some people who inspire me, by some combination of action, expression, experience or just the way they look at me sometimes. There are situations which cause me to need to create something, right now. I don’t entirely know how it works, I can loop together some similarities, certain facial expressions, a particular sense of humour or self that my Mum calls ‘having an edge’, all I really know is that my subconscious responds and suddenly I need to make a thing.

Forster (or someone either in that vein or referenced in the same part of Educating Rita) I think said something about the importance of an inner life. I personally revel in the line between inner and outer and how in the 21st century it’s possible to twist that sense of self inside out and upside down and dance all the way between inner and outer. I live very much within my own imagination but that imagination is at the same time both intensely private and cut wide open for the whole world to see. Inspiration, for me, pushes right into that juxtaposition, it’s most often a look, a pair of eyes happening to see exactly what I am seeing/projecting/thinking in that second and those eyes exerting a pull upon me, to make and create the thought out here in the open.

Of course here is where I cut to a slight conspiracy born of my experiences with Simple skincare products this year. Of all the people speaking directly into my head as I am living this inner and outer life and twisting those concepts like a Möbius strip I can’t tell you exactly how they are accessing reactions in my subconscious, they’re in there poking and prodding about and I am wide open. We all are, because I might have started out a somewhat unique artist but it turns out all I was was an early adopter.

Words beamed directly into our heads for a response we don’t even acknowledge and seemingly little we can do about it either.

Still, I cooked an awesome Lemon Chicken earlier.

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