The Subliminal Art of South Korean Skincare

This year I’ve really got into my skincare regime. I’ve even blogged about it.

Over the last couple of years I’ve seen more lasses get into South Korean make-up, especially those with sensitive skin and on the periphery of that the skincare products. I was blown away by the South Korean lines when I was in Japan and able to buy them for supermarket prices. (I am not into make up anywhere near enough to buy it in the U.K.) However I love the skincare regimes… I still do but I’m beginning to realise that though I thought I was doing my own research I’m not convinced that’s the case…

Earlier this year I went looking to see if Simple (my preferred skincare) did a cleansing oil – they had just started – hurrah wasn’t I lucky? But they didn’t do tissue masks, serums, hydration gels or various other things I was looking for. I wasn’t really expecting them to so I experimented with various brands and put together my regime. The next fortnight they started a serious advert campaign re: the cleansing oil.

A little later in the year, mid experiment I went looking for a new serum/hydration boost and noticed that Simple had started doing one. Hurrah! The next month a serious advertising campaign began.

Yesterday I popped into the chemist to get some more cleansing oil, micellar water and a tissue mask. Simple have brought out a new micellar water and, what really stopped me in my tracks, a tissue mask.

I’m aware of the overt advertising when I see it but I can’t help but wonder what has been pushing me towards South Korean skincare regimes? You can understand in theory why companies would want us to go for it. It’s a minimum eight step process with a pile of products. Even if once you really look into it you end up drinking ginseng tea and eating more kimchi (never can there be enough excuses to eat kimchi). But for some reason the Simple Sheet mask really brought home just how ubiquitous the way companies speak to your subconscious is.

I’m in the bath wearing it now. It’s gentler (and less expensive) than the Garnier ones I’ve been using for the last year. I’m pretty certainly going to swap to it. But my mind thinking about South Korean skincare this year was the result of some pretty damn good campaigning on someone’s behalf. I wish like hell I could unpick half of it.

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