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I thought George Bush was a joke, I quoted Robert Anton Wilson saying that if George W Bush was the President if the free world then we were in trouble.

Then of course, like almost every left winger on the planet, I’m left in slack jawed amazement and horror when they elected 45.

Now, I only know that it was Martin Luther King day yesterday because my Witches Diary is a Llewellyn publication and they’re American (it also means sometimes my astrological information is off a bit). But 45 is clearly appealing to his core voters innate racism by going golfing rather than volunteering or similar, or at least that’s what the left-wing press are telling me.

It’s easy to get depressed about 45 and racism and the state of the world. I’ve got to hope it’s a backlash against all the civil rights gains over the years. Mind you, when 45 is depressing me I’m increasingly finding it helpful to see what Barrack Obama is up to. He actually has some thoughts on Dr King (pretty sure 45 doesn’t);

“It was only a few years later when he won the Nobel Prize and would help to revolutionize America. But it wasn’t just Dr. King — it was all these young people around him who were just like us. They had their flaws. They had their problems. They had their doubts. But despite all those imperfections, they pressed forward anyway — often far from the limelight — with determination and with faith in the future, because they believed that their efforts would matter and that they would be part of this upward trajectory in our human story.

“So that’s the legacy that is available to you should you choose to grab it. That should inspire each of you to keep pushing for progress in whatever field you’re in and whatever communities that you live in,

knowing that your efforts matter.”

Ok now I feel better, let’s get on and make this world a better place.

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