And Breathe

First day back at college today. I have a revision session on Tuesday, another on Thursday and then into an exam the Tuesday after. I’m feeling relatively confident about the exam, not sure if that’s misplaced or not. I enjoy studying massage, I feel like I’m very comfortable with bodies, like I really know what I’m doing.

My dress came this afternoon, I hadn’t realised how tightly wound I was about it until Weasel told me it had been delivered and I felt everything relax. M-i-L pointed out that I’d been talking about the address for as long as I’d been talking about the event itself. I guess when My Whisky Friend suggested that they turn up to find I’d cancelled the LARP because my dress hadn’t come he may have been closer to the emotional mark than I’d realised.

I’m incredibly tired today, as predicted I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m hoping for better tonight. I am excited about my birthday though, The Eyes and Kirstyface are running me a birthday LARP which is Very Awesome and it starts tomorrow!

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