Horror Movies

Part two of my Mish-weekend was watching Horror Movies with My Little Sister (Adopted) and eating takeaway.

Had to work earlier and sleep, slept in so late – and needed it after last night’s adventure.

Black Elder Dinosaur, Black Promotionsl Vampire Magic the Gathering Cards

The Adopted Sister has two picks as did I for tonight though we only got through one of mine. My choices were solid B-Movie-Esquire Straight up, The Devil is possessing a guy who murders children and Vampires run a Prep school in order to harvest the blood of young virgins. Adopted though, chose proper Oscar-nominee style artsy pieces: Mother! and A Cure For Wellness, both of which could have done with a more confident editor. Also Mother! May as well have had a perma-sign Reading; “for your consideration”.

No Nickname came and joined us part way through which was pretty cool. She didn’t really miss much, I’m glad I saw Mother! and Jennifer Lawrence is some sort of Goddess especially when screaming “Get the Fuck Out Of My House” and cutting people, but it’s not a movie that I want to see again or feel was really worth it. I wanted to be blown away and as a Pagan I found it really disappointing. Maybe I missed the point, it wasn’t an evening we’d planned for cerebral movies.

A Cure For Wellness needed a good editor in my opinion. We basically rewrote the movie in the end to be a much tighter story. It had good moments though and you can’t not love Celia Imrie, well I can’t.

The Devil’s Candy was solid but I’d have enjoyed further exploration of the dead children. The idea of the Devil being drowned out by Heavy Metal music was great though.

Horror movies are something I really love, ever since being a babysitter in my teens. I’ve no idea why, maybe it’s like enjoying Crime fiction and there’s something comforting about being scared.

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