I frequently feel that my attraction to men is despite them rather than because of them. I suspect this is altogether unfair but I’m fed up of making allowances because a man was too young, misunderstood or otherwise got the wrong end of whatever stick.

A friend recently posted on Facebook that, when faced with a request, those who were brought up male have the automatic thought process of “why should I?” whereas those brought up female think “Why shouldn’t I?”

That really resonated. It’s the one thing that ends up making me most angry with men. I ask for help or I wait for someone to step up when something needs doing and guaranteed it’s women who step forward unless there’s some perceived brownie points to be earned.

I would, in theory, like a boyfriend but past experience has taught me that only in imagination does that mean having a supportive and loving partner who will work with me to achieve shared goals. Or who will work with me to achieve my goals and ask for my help in achieving his. In actuality I am expected to organise the world for his needs and quieten my own if he thinks they are unimportant or silly.

I like Men, but I wish they didn’t all seem to have selfish arsehole ingrained into them.

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