Naked In School Dream… kinda

Last night I went to bed without my pyjamas on, not an unusual circumstance but drifting off to sleep I was aware that it has hit autumn and it is too cold to sleep nude now.

Anyway about four am I wake up for no good reason (I’m warm, my brain is just convinced I should wake up) and trying to get back to sleep I have the most vivid dream ever.

Basically I’m in front of my university. I decide to take my clothes off and walk into the art block to look at the new artworks. I can hear people behind me talking about how they can’t decide if I’m actually naked or not, yeah that tracks, people have been telling me I don’t “act naked” when I don’t have clothes on my whole adult life. (How do you “act naked”? I mean seriously!)

I then proceed to walk much of the length of the Spine, because suddenly I’m meeting friends who will have picked my clothes up. (The things I expect from my friends). Again I’m laughing to myself about the attention I’m getting walking around naked. I talk to people, commenting on their clothes to try and get them to mention the fact I’m naked but they studiously ignore it. Eventually I run into DS Luke and he teases me about not letting me into Furness College which I’m trying to get into without a key.

Then I wake up. I feel like my brain tried to give me an anxiety dream but picked utterly the wrong archetype to do so!

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