Lady Gaga’s Concert

(Content Warning: Contains Spoilers for Watchmen)

I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to watch the One World: Together at Home concert. But I am watching the start of the four hour pre-concert warm up and I’ve been really enjoying it, it’s got adverts which is weird to me as a Brit because I’m used to this sort of thing being done by the BBC so no adverts but this is very America-centric (despite the efforts to make it not), the acts aren’t. There are some really global performers involved in this. I’m loving the videos from the various star’s homes. I’m loving the fact that a couple of them have been Tik Toks!

Anyway I signed up to the app a while ago and the news from the Global Citizen app has been stuff that I’ve felt good about being subscribed to. I keep thinking about Watchmen, the comic rather than the TV series. The idea that we needed an alien to fall on New York in order to come together as a world is one that I keep thinking about. The idea that we need to unite ‘against’ something seems to be something that accurately reflects human history. But in the Wars of the Worlds HG Wells reckoned that the common cold beat aliens so maybe we can keep this unity in the face of disease?

I don’t know, it’s harder to conceptualise than a giant monstrous alien falling on New York. I’ve thought a lot about the idea that things would help bring us together, maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I need to hope as much as Lady Gaga clearly does.

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