Nearly the end of my week off. I say week off, I’ve been working from home, sending emails and making phonecalls for the high risk guy I can’t go in for and prepping things for other client’s I’m working for at the weekend.

Obviously this being me I’ve also organised two tabletop rpg games, one pub quiz and one pagan ritual all to be done online via the medium of Discord and/or streaming.

I was proudest of the game I organised for a kid’s twelfth birthday. It was Witchcraft, his parent only owns the source book because she regularly used to play a High Bast in the games I ran about twenty years ago. It’s not a particularly common rpg by any standards. I created Manchester School for the Gifted, somewhere between Hogwarts and Professor X’s place in X-Men and essentially ran a dungeon crawl (running the game as if it was stereotypical Dungeons and Dragons). The kid loved it, there were walking corpses, fart jokes and he got to loot gold and choc-ices.

The pub quiz seemed to go ok, people were people and pretty much as annoying, drunk, lovely, bitch and overall peoplely as they are in a real life pub quiz. I was satisfied with how it went, if I run another one? Well, that depends on if people enjoyed it. Not for another month anyway.

The ritual is tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes but I’ve had good feedback for the script that I’ve put on the Pagan Discord Channel that I’ve set up. We’ll see how it goes.

I miss playing with my nephews most of everything about this. I played hide and seek with the Bonsai Kaiju this morning, it was surprisingly good fun. The physical body of a three year old and a phone with the mind of an adult who has played a lot of hide and seek – we found some good hiding spots!

Assuming I get through this, I’m going to hug my nephews so hard the next time I see them.

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