A Part of Queer Culture That I Vibe With

I don’t know that there is a part of Queer culture that I vibe with. I watch a lot of the easy to digest RuPaul shows but that’s not really vibing so much as passively consuming.

Same with queer music, and to be honest I’m not sure I’m a huge consumer of Queer music.

I guess for me, Queer culture is all about hanging out with similar people and reading biographies and autobiographies. I get heavily into Queer culture a few times a year when I end up attending a lecture or going to Pride or dancing at a local lesbian night.

I’ve been biggest into Queer culture when I’ve needed it, when I’ve been in more discriminatory settings. But when I’m home and able to watch RuPaul on the TV or go see Aunty Kate lecture it’s just a part of my life. It’s the people that I meet, always and the books about the people that I vibe with.

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